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Automatic Reel Unloader

The unit has been designed to be adapted to any type of flexographic, rotogravure and laminating machinery.

It will automatically remove the roll with shaft from the rewinder turret, deflate the shaft, pull it out of the roll, drop the roll on a pallet, load a new core on the air shaft, inflate it, stick adhesive if needed and reload onto the rewinder turret.

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 pick-up Shaftless unwinderpickup-2-e1393942281800

ELPA can offer a wide range of ancillaries and inline units to improve the existing machines. The Pick-up Shaftless Unwinder picks the roll up from floor or pallet and fixes the core by axial chucks.


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Why Choose JanusTech?

Source, Adapt, Re-engineer, Supply And Support

JanusTech has the capability to source, adapt, re-engineer, supply and support web related solutions to enhance and grow your business.


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Hjemmet Mortensen Trykkeri Printing Plant

Customer: Hjemmet Mortensen Trykkeri

Location: SPPC, Saudi Arabia

Date Completed: July 2012

Equipment Age: 1993-2010

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