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Goss M600 C Heatset Press – Sold


Age:2009/ 2010

Cut Off:577.85 mm (with microgap)

Web Width:965 mm

Max Speed:55,000 CPH


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Comprising of:

Goss M600 C Heatset Press

Currently in production in excellent condition.  Available exclusively through JanusTech.

Equipment comprising of:

(1)  Goss Contiweb® Horizontal Splicer SH40-LI-1020 1W (9.7 m/s)

  • Integrated infeed with web guide
  • Automatic program for reel loading and unloading the expired reel after splice.
  • Motorised reel side lay adjustment
  • Web severer

(4)  Goss M600 C Direct Drive Printing Units

  • Driven by individual motors (one AC drive per unit)
  • Transformer for non-standard voltage
  • Baldwin packing gauge (metric)
  • Auto plate loading
  • Web break detectors
  • Technotrans ink pumps
  • Technotrans Calcu-Ink ink consumption metering
  • Goss integration for blanket cleaners
  • Oxy Dry Protech HS blanket washing
  • Technotrans Vario ink leveler
  • Technotrans Circulator gamma.c 680
  • Technotrans pH value indication
  • Goss connecting parts

(1)  Baldwin Web Severer

(1)  Goss Contiweb webbing-up chain for Ecocool/T93

(1)  Goss Contiweb Anti Sweat System for Ecocool/T93

(1)  Goss Contiweb propane gas instead of natural gas

(1)  9.3 M Goss Contiweb Ecocool/T hot air dryer

  • Integrated afterburner
  • Integrated 9 chill roll stand
  • Integrated web guide
  • Integrated silicone applicator
  • Technotrans Gamma c.680 water package single cooling system for dampening solution and ink unit temperature control

(1)  Goss Upper Folder with paper lead

  • Motorised slitter
  • Four air loaded angle bars (2 motorised)
  • Two motorised compensators
  • RTF
  • Air loaded former

(1) Goss JF-55 folder

  • Single stream delivery
  • Quarter fold
  • Tabloid
  • Double parallel
  • Delta
  • QuadTech Multicam Colour and Cut-off Control
  • Register Guidance System for one web or two ribbons

(1)  Air Blower

  • Baldwin Microset 481 Spine Softening System (2 heads)
  • Goss Omnicon Control System

(1)  Goss Prepress Interface (PPI)

  • Communication enclosure (PLC)
  • Goss modular main press drive
  • Electrical power distribution cabinet
  • Nela plate punch

(1)  Nela HAO-T plate bender with trimming

(1)  Goss spare parts

(1)  Goss set of press documentation

(1)  Goss tool box

(1)  Goss handling equipment

(1)  Goss Console for auxiliary equipment

(1)  Goss Flip Top Control Panel

(1)  Goss cabinets

Hales Pasture House, London Road, Allostock, Cheshire, WA16 9LT, United Kingdom

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Please leave us your details and we will get straight back to you or call us on: +44 (0) 1565 723 538 or drop us an email at:

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Please leave us your details and we will get straight back to you or call us on: +44 (0) 1565 723 538 or drop us an email at:

Sell Your Equipment