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KMEC CS800V Label Cross Cutting Machine – Excellent Condition



Web Width:800 mm

Max Speed:2000 CPM


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Comprising of:

Suitable Materials:

Papers from 50 up to 120 g/m².
Tobacco complexes from 70 up to 90 g/m².
Metallized papers from 50 up to 100 g/m².
PPBO from 45 microns (29 g/m²) up to 90 microns.
Coated HDPE from 75 up to 90 g/m².


Maximum trimmed web width:  800 mm
Maximum mechanical speed:  2000 cuts per min
Cut length capacity:  Min. 50 mm/ max. 210 mm
Maximum reel diameter:   1000 mm
Core diameter:   3” and 6” (76 mm/152 mm)
Sheeting accuracy:   ± 0.15 mm
Slitting accuracy:   ± 0.2 mm
Label/strip count: Programmable
Max number of slits:  5
Electrical Service:   440V. 3Ph. 60Hz
Compressed air :  7 bars (dry air)

Unwind Stand

• Ergonomically designed heavy duty steel fabrication.
• Pneumatic shafts with 76 mm diam and adapters for 152 mm
• The unwind arm is complete with electromagnetic brake.
• The arms are raised and lowered hydraulically for roll loading.
• Features included: auto stop at reel end, and in programmable diameters.
• Automatic web guide for edge or printed line.

Cutting Unit

• In feed nip roll driven by an independent A.C. servomotor.
• Top slitting knife holders with pneumatic locking and setting (Supply includes 5 sets).
• Edge trim removal with soundproof ventilator.
• The multiple blade rotary knife is complete with AC servomotor drive and controlled by the PLC.
• Format setting and cut-to-print register is achieved using the operator’s touch screen panel.
• Standard cut accuracy ± 0.15 mm.
• Vacuum tape section to convey the cut labels or strips.
• A rotary drum using vacuum control delivers the labels or strips to the delivery/reception table. The drum is controlled by an independent AC servomotor.
• Anti-static equipment included.
• Operator’s platforms are constructed using aluminum plate.
• Automatic stripping insertion for predetermined reams/ stacks count.
• Manual removal of the reams/stacks

Electric & Electronic Devices

• Sound-proof integral cabinet containing drives and PLC.
• Strategically positioned Operator’s control console with touch screen panel view data entry, and visual machine mode and set-up detail display.
• Additional control stations at key operation points.
• Modem for on-line diagnosis.

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Please leave us your details and we will get straight back to you or call us on: +44 (0) 1565 723 538 or drop us an email at:

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Please leave us your details and we will get straight back to you or call us on: +44 (0) 1565 723 538 or drop us an email at:

Sell Your Equipment