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Techniweb currently offers three variations, PAPERCLEANER, TECHNOCLEANER, COMBICLEANER for the optimisation of the washing procedures on the commercial and newspaper presses.

The PAPERCLEANER has been designed to provide a simple and cost effective solution to the cleaning of the paper web for newspaper and web book printing presses. It removes the paper dust from the web and thereby prevents any fast accumulation of paper dust on the blankets and inking rollers.

The TECHNOCLEANER uses the paper as a carrier for a specially formulated micro emulsion cleaning agent which is sprayed onto the web and becomes impregnated into the paper. The action of the paper web running through the press cleans ink and paper lint from blankets, dampening rollers and web path rollers very effectively.

Finally, the association of the preventive web cleaning with the global washing gives the opportunity for techniweb to introduce the COMBICLEANER with the advantages of both technologies in one system.

Please contact us if you wish to find out more about Techniweb technology or would like to receive an information pack.

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