COMBICLEANER – The “2 in 1”Complete Solution for Newspaper Presses

The COMBICLEANER cleaner concept is a combination of PAPERCLEANER and TECHNOCLEANER in one complete system.


  • One unit per web installed behind the reelstand and out of the printing unit.
  • The process removes paper dust from the web and prevents any fast accumulation on blankets, inking rollers, and press components.
  • The blanket cleaning process uses the same paper as a carrier for a specially formulated micro emulsion cleaning agent which is sprayed on each side of the web.
  • The action of the paper running through the press cleans ink and paper lint from blankets , web path rollers, and dampening rollers very effectively.
  • The washing sequences are very short and optimised by the web cleaning.
  • Specific cleaning programs will wash the inking rollers, the web width changes and the common impression cylinders.


  • Safe

– One system per web

– Fully connected with the press

– Disengaged during splice and stop

– Quiet

– Neutrality on the press


  • Maintenance Free

– Out of the printing unit

– No mobile parts

– No friction with paper

– No friction with blankets

– No critical adjustment

– Automatic self – cleaning nozzles

– No spare parts consumption

– Open access to the printing unit


  • High Performance

– One turbo per web

– High speed suction process

– Very compact unit

– Easy to operate

– One filter for 2 or 3 webs

– Compatible with slitter/ folder dust suction


  • Lowest Operational Cost

– Very low consumption of solvent

– No other consumables

– Neutrality on paper waste

– No downtime for cloth rollers changing

– No downtime for maintenance


  • Quality Assurance

– Preventive action on paper dust

– Very short wash at any time

– Preventive action on press cleaning

– Consistent quality during the run


  • Green Process

– Better environment for press and people

– Non VOC non volatile cleaning agent

– No solvent waste to get recycled

– Less ink waste to get recycled

– No more manual wash and rags



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Komori System 38 SII 4 Unit Web Offset Press

Customer: William Gibbons & Sons Ltd

Location: Willenhall, United Kingdom

Date Completed: September 2013

Equipment Age: 1999

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