TECHNOCLEANER uses the paper as a carrier for a specially formulated micro emulsion cleaning agent which is sprayed on each side of the web.Technocleaner


Economical Investment

– One system per web

– Easy integration

– Fast installation

– Neutrality on the press                                                                                                 


Maintenance Free

Out of the printing unit                                                                                               

– No mobile parts

– No friction with blankets

– Automatic self cleaning nozzles

– No spare parts required

– Open access to the printing unit


Lowest Operational Cost

– Low solvent consumption

– No other consumable

– Neutrality on paper waste

– No downtime for cloth rollers changing

– No downtime for maintenance


Quality Assurance

– Very short wash at any time

– Preventive action on press cleaning

– Consistent quality during the run


Green Process

– Non VOC non volatile cleaning agent

– No solvent waste to get recycled

– Less ink waste to get recycled

– No energy consumption

– No more manual wash and rags


TECHNOCLEANER has now been installed on more than 600 webs, on every kind of machine, and interfaced by all the major press suppliers.



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Heidelberg SM 102 – 10P + CUTSTAR

Customer: PM Web

Location: Neston, United Kingdom

Date Completed: July 2013

Equipment Age: 2006

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