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KBA Commander Newspaper Press



Cut Off:570 mm

Web Width:1600 mm

Max Speed:35,000 CPH


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Comprising of:


Complete control  system retrofitted by EAE in 2010.

Level 0:

  • 1 cast iron substructure
  • 1 set of AIR-LOC levelling shoes
  • 5 KBA autopaster, type Pastomat II (2 autopaters  retrofitted in 2013)
  • 5 KBA infeed units with independent drive (4 can be in use now)
  • 1 set of webbing up devices from the reel stands up to the turner bars
  • web severing devices activated by pneumatic cylinder

Level 1 from left to right:

  • 2 satellite printing units (D02, D11) with 4colours, built as 10-cylinder-type
  • 1 satellite unit (D12) with 4 colours, built as 10-cylinder-type, with a stacked double printing unit with 2 colours (not in use), built as 6-cylinder-type
  • 1 satellite unit (D13) with 4 colours, built as 10-cylinder-type 

All printing units are equipped with:

  • Units can be changed from blanket-blanket to blanket-steel cylinder print
  • The direction of rotation can be reversed at all units
  • Continuous feed inking system
  • Brush type damping units
  • Ink key remote control with position feedback
  • 1/4-width ink knife, overshot
  • 1 turner bar arrangement for 5 paper webs, stacked on printing unit D13.

Each paper web consists of:

  • 1 driven infeed roller
  • slitter
  • S-turner bars, changeable from left to right hand side
  • compensating roller for the turned ribbon
  • 1 paper dust remover
  • 1 folder superstructure equipped with:
  • 3 air blown formers
  • 1 set rollers on top of former
  • each former with 2 pairs of driven pull rollers underneath the former rollers
  • 1 variable gear box to change the speed of the pull rollers underneath the former
  • 1 KBA double folder, type KF80 (system 2:3:3):
  • collect and straight run
  • 1st cross fold
  • continuous adjustment of the diameter of the collecting cylinder
  • overlap fold adjustable during production of the folder
  • each folding group with 1 exit

The machine is further equipped with:

  • fountain solution circulation planned with condenser
  • 1 hydraulic system for the throw-on and -off of the blanket cylinders
  • 3 machine control desks for controlling the machine, ink keys and damping, with 1 monitor each
  • 1 machine data monitoring system with printer
  • set of spare parts

Max. colour possibilities:                 

Broadsheet, collect run, 2 paper webs

32 pages 4-colour

Max. number of pages                      

Broadsheet, collect run, 5 paper webs

80 pages, out of them

16 pages 4-colour

16 pages 2-colour

48 pages 1-colour


400 V, 50 cycles, 3 phases

5 DC main motors

Total installed 1.545 kVA

Hales Pasture House, London Road, Allostock, Cheshire, WA16 9LT, United Kingdom

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Please leave us your details and we will get straight back to you or call us on: +44 (0) 1565 723 538 or drop us an email at:

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Please leave us your details and we will get straight back to you or call us on: +44 (0) 1565 723 538 or drop us an email at:

Sell Your Equipment